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Optical Coating
      Simphoton can provide a wide variety of coatings from simple single layer AR coatings using Mg F2 and mirror coatings to complex multilayer dielectric stacks. Typical types of dielectric coatings are BBAR, V-coatings, Dual wavelength AR coatings and HR coatings. Sharp cut-on and cut-off filters are also available.          Please contact us, if our standard coatings described in this chapter can not meet your requirements. Our engineers can design a special coating for you.
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Coating Type Properties and Application
With coating technology improments, Simphoton can provide the super UV Antireflection coating. It has extemly low avsorption at UV wavelength. For example, absorption is less than 0.5%@266nm.
Single Layer MgF2
Applied to materials with refractive indices from 1.45 to 2.4. The most popular antireflection coating for visible. They are insensitive to change in incidence angles.
Multilayer "V"
Used to provide low reflectance with in a narrow durable wavelength band for most laser application. Minimum reflection can be less than 0.1%
Broadband Multilayer
These coatings have excellent performance over a broad spectral range broadband. Coating performance is sensitive to angle of incidence.
Dual Wavelength Band
Offer very low reflectance at two widely spaced wavelengths, such as Nd:YAG Laser (1064) and its second harmonic (532) . Simphoton makes this a double wavelength waveplate.
Narrow Band
Provide 50% reflection and transmission at an angle of 45deg. incidence for a single wavelength. Perfect for beamsplitters application. Transmission/reflection (T/R) ratio of 20/80, or others for Beamsplitter is available upon request.
Over a wide bandwidth provides 50% reflection and transmission. Simphoton can also provide coatings with different R/T ratios at and specific angle of incident.
Polarization Beamsplitter
High reflection for s-polarized and antireflection for p-polarized for laser application.
Dielectric High Reflective Coatings
Provide high reflectance over a broad bandwidth, and is ideal for a tunable laser or in white light applications.
Dichroic Mirrors
These coatings can separate the laser fundamental and the pump wavelength, or the fundamental and the second harmonic. They are specific applied to laser mirror.
Long wave pass (LWP)
The coating allow the long wavelenth pass and cut off (reflection) the short wavelength.
Shor wave pass (SWP)
The coating allow the short wavelenth pass and cut off (reflection) the long wavelength.
The coating allow the specified wavelength bandwith pass and cut off the other wavelength.
UV enhanced Aluminum with MgF2 or protective Al+SiO2.
Protective Ag+SiO2 or bare silver coating.
Bare gold (Au) coating
Others Hydrophobic coating
With a special coating layer on the top of AR coating, The coating will water and dust resistant without affect the AR coating reflection and transmission.
Ni-Cr coating
ITO coating

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