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Metal Coated Mirror
    After aluminium (Al), silver (Ag) or Gold (Au) coating, the mirror show high relfection perfance for very wide broadband. Generally, we over coat the protective SiO2 or MgF2 layer outside the metal layer to avoid the damage from the environment.
Metal coating is less sensitive to variations in incident angle, polarization, and wavelength than dielectric coatings
Coating Type
UV enhanced
Al+MgF2 coating
Al coating has higher reflection than Ag or Au coating at UV to visible range. By special design, Simphoton can coat the UV enhanced Al+MgF2 with Ravg>85%@250nm~700nm.
Al+SiO2 coating
Ag+SiO2 coating
Bare gold coating
gold coating
Ravg>95%@700nm~1700nm & Ravg>98%@2um~16um


Substrate Material: BK7, Fused silica, or other optical material
Plano or Plano-concave substrate are availble
Typical dimension: dia.25.4 (+0/-0.2) mm x thickness 3.0 (+/-0.2)mm
Surface figure: L/4@632.8nm
Surface quality: 60-40 after coating
Protective chamfer
Back side unpolished or black painted upon request

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