Right-Angle Prism
A Right-Angle Prism is used as a mirror to deviate light through 90 degree, and also as a retroreflector to deflect light throgh 180 degree by total internal reflection.
90-degree Deflection
90 degree deflection occurs at the hyotenuse face.The image is erected and reversed.

180-degree Deflection
180 degree deflection uses with hypotenuse as the entrance and exit face.The mail application of it is used as a retroreflector provided that the plane of incident beam includes the vertex.
Material: BK7 glass or UV fused silica
Dimension Tolerance:
+0.0, -0.2 mm
Clear Aperture:
Beam deviation:
3', 1' or 30"
l/2 @632.8 nm
Surface Quality:
60-40 scratch and dig
Protective Bevel

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