Custom Optics
Simphoton accept order for custom designed optics. Please let us know what's you need, our engineer will provide a full solution for your applications. Surely, we accept customer designed orders. Please send us your design, we'll make it real for you.
Simphoton production capability are list below for your information:
Optical window, Wavepate, Lens, Filter, Mirror, Beamsplitter, Prism, etc.
Simphoton runs complete optical production line including:
Raw material cutting; Grinding; Double sides polishing; Precision polishing; Optical coating; ultrasonic cleaning; Opto-mechanical assembly; Black painting; Drilling;

Optical glass (such as BK7), Float glass, Filter glass (Colored glass); Fused silica, Crystal quartz, Sapphire, Crystal silicon, ZnSe, etc.

Specification of optical components:
Dimension Tolerance: Commonly +/-0.1mm; Up to +/-0.0003mm
Angle Tolerance : Commonly +/-3'; Up to+/-3"
Parallelism : Commonly +/-1'; Up to +/-0.5"
Flatness : Commonly L/4@632.8nm ; Up to L/15@632.8nm
Wavefront Distortion : Commonly L/4@632.8nm ; Up to L/20@632.8nm
Surface Quality: Commonly 60-40 scratch and dig; Up to 10-5 scratch and dig
Waveplate retardation Tolerance: Up to L/500

Optical Coating:
AR coating, Hight relfection coating, Filter coating, Beamspltter coating, Al, Silver or Gold coating.
Please refer to the optical coating page for details.

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