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Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) Window

Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2) has excellent transmission in the UV wavelength. Simphoton optics can supply single crystal UVU grade MgF2 material. This material can be used for excimer & Nd:YAG laser optics.

MgF2 transmission
MgF2 is relatively soft and somewhat hygroscopic so polishing, coating and handling are more critical than for general BK7 or Fused Silica windows. Simphoton experienced engineer developed the proper MgF2 fabrication technology. Simphoton now can provide high quality MgF2 window as following specifications

General Specifications:

Material: Single crystal UVU grade MgF2
Dimension: dia.1inch (dia.25.4mm) standard, other size up to 2inch available
Flatness: up to L/10
Parallelism: < 1 arc minute
Surface quality: up to 20-10
Bevel: 0.25 x 45deg.
AR coating is available upon request

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