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Dual Wavelength Waveplate
      Dual wavelength waveplates are THG-PR polarization rotators and used to manage the polarizations of laser beams to obtain maximum conversion efficiency of third harmonic generations (THG), i.e., 1064 nm + 532 nm > 355 nm.
        Generally, type I frequency-doubler (oo-> e) + type II frequency-tripler ( oe-> e) will be the best design for THG which needs no polarization rotator. However, when a type II KTP crystal is used as frequency-doubler and type II LBO as frequency-tripler (see the Figure), the laser polarizations coming out from KTP are not optimized for THG. How to change it into its optimum? Simphoton THG-PR polarization rotator can do it!
        Common 1/2 wave phase retardation plate could only rotate the polarization of 532 nm to a specific angle. However, the linear polarization of 1064 nm will be distorted to be elliptical. The THG-PR rotator is specially designed to maintain the linear polarization of 1064 nm (l plate) and change simultaneously 532 nm (l/2 plate) to the angle you need. The THG-PR can be applied to:
    1. Type II (SHG) + Type II (THG)
    2. Type I (SHG) + Type I (THG)
    3. Type II (SHG) + Type I (THG)
  Material: Crystal Quartz
Dimension Tolerance: +0.0, -0.2 mm
Wavefront Distortion: <l/8 @ 633 nm
Retardation Tolerance: <l/300
Parallelism: <1 arc second
Surface Quality: 20/10 scratch and dig
Dual Wavelength AR Coating:
R<0.2% at fundamental wavelength & R<0.5% at SHG wavelength
Retardation curve of dual wavelength waveplate
Other wavelength is available upon request.

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